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It’s difficult to say what’s the most interesting project Casper is working on because there are so, so many. 

Located in the Big Apple, they currently manage digital communications for, a consulting firm that measures social impact, and oversees e-commerce operations and marketing for, a plant-based food company.

But outside of the more typical work day, Casper has a variety of other projects and endeavors, including podcasting, education, and activism.

Here’s a few of the highlights.

Homoground: A network of queer music & media creators

Casper has been running a podcast called Homoground for almost 10 years. Based out of Brooklyn, the podcast elevates LGBTQIA musicians through personal stories and songs. 

With over 250 episodes featuring hundreds of independent queer artists who are often overlooked by mainstream platforms, the podcast has become a formative incubator for queer talent.

When Casper first created the podcast, it was as a way to connect with others, talk about the music they’d discovered, and draw attention to bands that were touring in the area and weren’t getting easy access to exposure.

Today, the podcast episodes interviews and highlights LGBTQIA artists from all over the country — sometimes highlighting multiple artists in one episode! Check it out for yourself on whatever platform you get your podcasts!

homoground lynn casper

Podcasting with intention

Since being in the podcasting world for nearly a decade, Casper also works with podcasters to develop, build and mobilize their podcast audiences, providing resources and consultations via Podcastivist.

They work with podcasters to discuss messaging, intentional plans, and resources to provide in their podcasts, asking the questions:

podcasting with intention - lynn casper

As media creators, how do we leverage our podcasts for the greater good?
How can we turn our audiences into communities that are collectively working towards the same goals?

Casper is available to help these podcasters with anything from strategic consultation to music sourcing to marketing.

Focus Time

Another project they started is Focus-Time, a dedicated virtual space for LGBTQIA creatives. 

There are all kinds of coworking spaces out there, but very few cater to the LGBTQIA community, specifically. Through Focus-Time, Casper wanted to create a space where members of this community can feel comfortable working on projects — whether personal or for work — while being themselves.

And the best part? It’s all absolutely free!

a queer virtual coworking space - remote hustle

With meetings three times per week via Zoom, the events are facilitated by Casper and follow the following structure:

  1. Short introductions (who you are, where you’re tuning in from, and what you’ll be working on)
  2. Two 40-50 minute blocks of focus-time with a short bio-break in between
  3. Updates on what you accomplished and some social time for those who want to get to know the community better

Interested in joining? Meetings take place Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-3pm EST and Saturdays from 11am-1pm EST

You can learn more about the schedule and reserve your spot here.

Coaching Services

With all of this experience in such a variety of creative endeavors, Casper also provides  productivity coach services, helping creative minds overcome internal & external blocks that hinder progress on creative projects and life goals. 

Some examples include helping artists exhibit their own art shows, small business founders organize and streamline their workflows, and countless creatives to get started on projects that had only been entertained as ideas.

They offer 1-on-1 work with folks who want more dedicated guidance on their projects, working together to break down ideas and create a roadmap for the project.

For more information about working with Casper, or to schedule your 30 minute complimentary call, visit their site.

Lastly, a bit of exciting news

Just this month, Casper messaged our Remote Hustle Slack with some good news:

“I'm so excited to announce that I am a LEGIT certified professional life coach!”

After training with iPEC Coaching for the past 2 years — in addition to a life’s worth of personal projects discussed above — they’re officially certified!

With specialities in working with creatives to bring their ideas out of their minds and into the physical world, having Casper as your coach is like having “a friendly little ghost at your side to talk through ideas, break down complex tasks into a manageable to do list, and receive support and encouragement along the way.”

Congrats, Casper!

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Molly Mulroy

Words, words, words. That’s pretty much all Molly Mulroy can think about. Sometimes she rewrites one sentence six or seven times until she gets it right - but hey, it’s always worth it. An important part of our team, Molly works remotely from the sunny shores of Rabat, Morocco, bouncing between her apartment and the abundance of espresso-heavy cafes throughout Morocco.

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